Why Semi-Official Game Company for a name? Because the other half is an AMORPHOUS EVER-GROWING MASS OF ENTHUSIASM DRIVEN BY AN UNYIELDING DESIRE TO MAKE OTHERS SMILE, LAUGH, AND HAVE FUN TOGETHER. That’s just too much to put in a name. Plus “Semi-Official” sounded silly; and silly is the best.

The games made here at Semi-Official Game Company all fall under one category: FUN and FOR EVERONE. The two categories of Semi-Official Games are – FUN, FOR EVERYONE, and EASY TO LEARN. Three categories of games are produced here at Semi-Official Game Company:

  1. FUN

FUN WORLDS, SILLY SITUATIONS, AND LIGHT THEMES ALL WRAPPED AROUND CAREFULLY CRAFTED RULES WITH DEEP GAMEPLAY FOUND IN EVERY SERVING. That sounds like food. Don’t eat the games! What we are saying is that our goal is to deliver fun and happiness for people of all types and ages through games. Just realized that doesn’t mention our love of unique rules and new game play ideas. Our games have really fun art which should be pointed out. All our games are made by one person out of their home, which is worth mentioning. Probably need to include that we make card games, board games, role-playing games, miniature war games, dice games – or at least will be soon. That’s just going on and on. This will work: