Arrrgh! Or not?

The swashbuckling game where unique adventures and hearty laughs never end!

Seek out laughs and loot on your way to becoming a pirate legend! Arrrgh! Or not? is a side-splitting swashbuckling game like no other. Dive into a massive deck of colorful fully illustrated cards that draw you into a new unique adventure each time you play. Fight impossible odds and crazy creatures. Discover legendary shores and claim rich rewards. Live to brag of your amazing adventures and proudly display your ample pirate’s booty, and become a captain of legend.

Upgrade your ship as you go! With OVER 1 MILLION possible ship loadouts, each unique journey will be upon a unique ship you customized for glory. Earn fortune across the waves as your own crazy pirate captain on your own unique wacky adventure with Arrrgh! Or not?

Make use of The Fates and call down Curses and Calamities against other players. Use clever Ship Upgrades to steal treasure and fame. Call forth Storms to disrupt everyone at the table. After all ~ only one captain can claim to be the greatest, and as every scallywag knows:

“All be fair if yer a corsair, ‘cause pirating ain’t easy”.